Knowing the genetic potential of your breeding material is the basis for any successful breeding
program. Spadix helps you to know and understand the genetic basis of your germplasm.

Plant Health and Microbiomes

Sometimes your crop may show disease related problems which are difficult to trace down. This is especially true for vegetatively propagated ornamental crops.

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Molecular breeding

Once markers are available, they are ready to be used to select individuals with desired traits in breeding programs.

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Genomics & Bioinformatics

We offer a broad range of plant genomics services, including whole genome and transcriptome sequencing.

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Plant Quality

Our molecular toolbox can also be used to quickly perform quality tests. Is a variety sold under a certain name identical to your variety?

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Spadix’s mission is to generate impact for the plant breeding sector by developing and offering advanced breeding and quality control services. Innovative technologies and partnerships are central to our approach.