Our world is microbial genomics
Microorganisms have a huge, largely undiscovered potential to contribute to the solution of a large number of issues facing the modern world, ranging from antibiotic resistance and personal disease to poor crop yields and problems caused by global warming. As genomics experts and through sustainable partnerships BaseClear offers consultancy and technological expertise to accelerate the understanding and use of microorganisms. BaseClear offers a complete range of microbial genomics services, including metagenomics, microbiome analysis and microbial strain characterisation services. BaseClear can provide access to the latest genomics technologies and bioinformatics solutions to answer your research questions in the best possible manner.

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Future Genomics Technologies

Translating knowledge to the market
New DNA technologies are rapidly being developed and will have an increasing impact on the world and on people’s daily life. Future Genomics Technologies aims to translate academic knowledge and novel technologies into usable applications and provide early and easy access to these applications. Our mission is to help you achieve your goals using cutting edge sequencing and bioinformatics technology.

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