In addition to marker development, we also offer de novo genome assembly services. For assembly of complex genomes we use the Tulipa Julia assembly software developed by our partners Future Genomics Technologies and the Institute for Biology of Leiden University. Compared to other known assembly software Tulipa Julia is 50 times faster, allowing high quality genome assemblies in a fast and cost-effective way. However for each genome assembled we will look for the best hybrid assembly strategy enabling us to deliver the best possible genome assembly.

Next to genome assemblies we are running the NEBNEXT GS genotyping platform developed by New England Biolabs to assist you with high quality genotyping. The advantage of this platform is that it can also be used for allele dosage quantification in polyploid crops. If you need any bioinformatics pipeline to assist you in your daily work we can together with our partner Future Genomics Technology develop this for you.