Insight in plant genomes and transcriptomes
We offer a broad range of plant genomics services, including whole genome and transcriptome sequencing. Our services are based on our in house Next Generation Sequencing technologies such as nanopore technology (e.g. PromethION), Illumina (e.g. NovaSeq) and PacBio (e.g.
IsoSeq). The high quality plant genome and transcriptome assemblies which we generate form the basis for trait discovery, marker development and molecular breeding.

Trait discovery
Thanks to proprietary technology which we developed, we are able to rapidly identify genes or mutations responsible for certain traits or phenotypes, even in complex genetic backgrounds. Our technology consists of Next Generation Sequencing in combination with unique bioinformatics pipelines. The identified genes can be used for various purposes, such as molecular breeding and IP protection.

In addition to marker development, we also offer de novo genome assembly services. We use the Tulipa Julia assembly software developed by our partners Future Genomics Technologies and the Institute for Biology of Leiden University. This software was specifically designed to deal with complex genomes, such as polyploids and large genomes with highly repetitive content. Compared to other known assembly software Tulipa Julia is 50 times faster, allowing high quality genome assemblies in a fast and cost-effective way.