The Team


Dr. Leon Mur, CEO and founder

Dr. Leon Mur, CEO & Founder Leon is an entrepeneur with a solid background in the plant breeding industry, the horticultural industry and the life sciences at large. One of his recent achievements is the strategic R&D joint venture which several ornamental breeding companies formed under his guidance (2016-2018). From 2011-2018 Leon was managing director of the Center of Expertise for Plant Compounds, and from 2007-2011, he acted as project manager for Leiden Bio Science Park. His company Iventus (2006-present) is well known for initiating high profile conferences in the life sciences. Leon started his career in the industry as manager biotechnology research at vegetable seed company Enza Zaden (1997-2005). Leon holds a PhD in plant molecular biology from the VU Amsterdam (‘Free University Amsterdam’), where he also worked as post doc. His research focused on regulatory genes involved in flower development. .

Miranda de Regt, Co-founder, corporate communications & affairs

Miranda de Regt
Miranda has been an independent entrepreneur since 1994. In 2006 she co-founded Iventus, the agency specialised in initiating life science conferences, together with Leon Mur. Before that, she owned and successfully managed a secretarial office support company for ten years, until she sold it in 2004. Miranda is a true all-rounder, who has considerable experience in various industries and an extensive national network. Moreover, she has the ability to connect with people with widely varying backgrounds.